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Can I provide photos for display on the QYBA Facebook page?
Yes. We're always looking for more photos to add to the site. If you have some photos that you would like to share with the QYBA community, email them to
If accepted, they will be displayed on Facebook

How do I contact the QYBA?

  • By mail – QYBA; P.O. Box 28; Quakertown, PA 18951
  • By email - 

How can I volunteer and contribute to the success of QYBA?
Parent participation is critical to the success of the QYBA – our organization is run entirely by volunteers who want to provide a safe and encouraging environment for all players and families.

When registering your child, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for various positions during the registration process. Assisting with operating the QYBA stack stand is a mandatory requirement of each parent during the season – you will be contacted by your team’s Team Parent as the season approaches with more information. You may also contact any member of the QYBA Board of Directors for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions & Survey Responses


General League Information

  • QYBA is a 501c3 non-profit organization.  This means all funds are 100% put back into the league.


  • Compared to other sport programs in Quakertown and the nearby communities, QYBA’s spring registration ($125) is one of the cheapest options for playing a youth sport.  Unlike some sports, baseball requires many expenses such as purchasing baseballs, team equipment such as helmets/bats/catcher’s gear, field supplies such as chalk, soil, etc., and other supplies throughout the year.  QYBA also offers parents the opportunity to sell raffle tickets to offset the registration fee. Raffle tickets and other items distributed to coaches by the league, must be distributed to all parents in a timely manner.  It is the head coach’s responsibility to make sure these items are handed out to all team parents.


  • All head and assistant coaching positions for every team are comprised of volunteers.  Coaches have the opportunity to attend coaching sessions to learn more about the sport and baseball situations at the beginning of the season. 


  • All board members, including the president, are non-paid volunteer positions.  Board members work full time jobs and spend countless hours volunteering their own time to help QYBA 12 months out of the year.


  • Our snack stand is staffed by 100% volunteers.  We offer an amazing selection and are recognized by visitors to our complex as having one of the best snack stands in the area.  All snack stand duties are staffed by parents which helps keep our registration fee lower. It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure their parents are staffing their snack stand duty and providing an online signup via our website was created to make this process easier.  When parents sign up for their team snack stand duty, it is very important that they show up. It is the coach’s responsibility to make sure their team’s duty is covered so we can continue to provide a service to the other teams who rely on the snack stand during their game. At the conclusion of games, our snack stand can get crowded.  Thank you to all the parents, players, and families for recognizing this and your patience is greatly appreciated!


  • QYBA uses coaches to umpire most games.  These coaches volunteer their time to umpire which also lowers the registration fee.  If a team or head coach decided to use paid umpires, parents of that team should not be responsible unless they agree to pay for that additional expense. It is an expectation for every coach of the league to fully know and understand the rules when they are coaching and umpiring a game.  Using paid umpires will increase the registration fee for our families and yes, there will still be “missed” calls with paid umpires. 


  • QYBA primarily uses email to communicate league news out to parents.  QYBA also uses their website and Facebook page to communicate news, too.  As always, parents of players can email their coaches or board members questions anytime.


  • This year’s spring was very rainy.  As a result, there were many games that had to be rescheduled.  This was an issue with some teams in the t-ball division. It is the head coach’s responsibility, in any division, to reschedule games in a timely manner so their team plays an entire season of games.  


  • Years ago, QYBA did offer an All-Star game.  These teams primarily consisted of players who play on QYBA’s summer tournament teams and the board voted to eliminate the game because the same players from the tournament teams made the All-Star game.


  • It is part of our goal that QYBA provides a safe and enjoyable playing environment for all players.  At no time should a player feel unsafe by their coach or teammates. Any unsafe incident must be directed to the coach first by the player’s parent.  If the issue is unresolved, parents should contact the league as soon as possible so the issue can be resolved in a timely manner.


  • The Major’s division is QYBA’s most competitive division.  Players that are age eligible tryout for this division. As a competitive division, it is the discretion of the coach which players should play which positions in order to give the team the best chance to win.  In our other divisions, coaches should be developing players to learn and grow to be the best they can be. This means coaches should give players opportunities to play multiple positions, instruct & teach proper mechanics, rotate players that need to sit, but also place their team in a position to be competitive.  If you have a concern, please contact your head coach. If the issue can’t be resolved, please contact our league president.


  • It is the coach’s responsibility to schedule practice(s) during the week to help their team prepare for a game.  If a head coach can’t schedule practices or make up games due to personal scheduling conflicts, they should have their assistants run practices/coach games that need to be made up.


  • Each team is comprised of players selected by the head coach through a draft.  The draft is designed to balance teams with players from various skill levels. All coaches from each division attend the draft and create team rosters at the same time.


  • Field access is based on the division your child plays in.  For example, players in the majors play on field 1 (Major’s field) and pony players play on the pony field.  Coaches can reserve batting cages via the website and it is up to the coach to reserve a batting cage for their team.  All field and batting cage reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. So, it is important for coaches to plan their practices in advance to ensure their team has access to the resources at our complex.


  • Opening day has traditionally been held on the first Saturday in April.  There have been talks of moving opening day to later in April but with weather cancellations, it leaves less time for make-ups to occur.  The spring season also tries to end before summer sport sessions begin in mid-June.    


As always, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact the league anytime