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In what division will my child play?
Please click the "QYBA Cal Ripken Divisions" link to the left for complete information on the five divisions within the QYBA.

Can I request a certain coach?
QYBA Cal Ripken utilizes a "blind draft" to evenly distribute team players based on ability and years of experience. As a general rule, no special coach/player requests are accepted. However, if there are extenuating circumstances, please contact the QYBA president.

Can I request not to have a certain coach?
If for some reason you do not wish your child to be coached by a particular individual, please contact the QYBA president.

Can I request my child "play up" in a higher division?
To ensure the safety of all players in QYBA Cal Ripken, we do not accept any requests to "play up" in a higher division than their age allows.

How often and on what nights do the different age divisions play?
Generally, most teams will play twice per week. There will be games on weeknights and Saturdays. The schedule will be released shortly before the season begins and will be posted on the QYBA website.

What time do the QYBA Cal Ripken games start?
Weeknight games start promptly at 6:00 pm. Saturday game times vary.

How often are practices?
Practices are scheduled by the individual coaches with input from the parents, but we encourage no more than 3 practices/games per week. Note that however that it is common for there to be more practices early on, as the coaches identify the needs of the team.

When does the season start?
See dates on home site.

How long is the season?
See dates on home site.

Where are the QYBA Cal Ripken games played?
All QYBA Cal Ripken games are played at one of the following locations:

  • Quakertown Complex (on Mill St in Quakertown) – 2 T-Ball fields, 1 Colt field, 1 Pony field, 1 Minor field and 1 Major field
  • Milford Complex (on Krammes Rd in Milford Township) – 1 Pony field and 1 Minor field

What is the time commitment?
There are 10-12 regular season games during the season. It is generally two games per week – one during the week and one on a Saturday. We also encourage coaches to hold a reasonable number of practices prior to and during the season.

How will I know if a scheduled game is rained out, cancelled or postponed?
As soon as there is any game change, the team’s coach or Team Parent will be responsible to contact all team players. In addition, any cancellations due to weather (or other events) will be promentently posted on the QYBA website as soon as determined.