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Connie Mack Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the age groups to join?    13-16 for the Junior division of Connie Mack and 17-45 for the Senior division of Connie Mack.
  2. Will my child be make the team or will he/she be cut?   Quakertown Connie Mack is a community league.  There are no cuts.  Everyone eligible plays.
  3. How much playing time will my child get?  BuxMont Connie Mack league rules require a minimum of 2 innings played by every player.  Quakertown Connie Mack Urges coaches to play all their players at least 3 innings.
  4. How much does it cost?  Summer season registration fees are $250  and fall season registration fees are $150.
  5. What’s included in the fee?  The entire uniform (Hat, Shirt, Pants).  The league provides the balls.  We encourage families to buy their catching gear to prevent the spread of germs though we do have an extra set.  Most parents also purchase their own bats and gloves.
  6. Are there tryouts?  We have player evaluations for the Junior division only to determine each player’s ability and to aid in team placement.
  7. When does the season start and end?   The Summer season typically starts the last week of May and ends by the end of the 2nd week of July.  The Fall season typically runs for the months of September and October.
  8. How many games are there?  The Summer season has 16-20 games.  The Fall season has 12 games.
  9. Where are the games played?  Quakertown Connie Mack plays their home games on the 2 fields next to the QYBA complex or at the end of Cemetery Street in Quakertown.   Usually we play half our games home and the other half away.   In the Fall we play 2 games per week on the weekends only.
  10. How far will we have to travel?  The furthest away games are about an hour away but most away games are closer.
  11. What size bat should I buy?  12 year olds are allowed to use aluminum bats.  13 thru 16 year olds are required to use a drop 3 BBCOR certified composite bat.  Ages 17 and up are required to use wooden bats.
  12. Who coaches the teams?  Typically at the B & C level we have volunteer coaches from the community.  We try to bring in more qualified coaches for the higher level teams (A, B1 ).
  13. What are A, B1 and C1 teams?  These are teams consisting of higher talent level players as selected by the coaching committee at the player evaluations.   We may or may not field these caliber teams every season.
  14. How many teams are there?  Typically 3-5 teams depending on the number of registrants.
  15. Can I volunteer to coach?  YES!!   We encourage community involvement!
  16. Will I have to work the snackstand?  No, but please feel free to volunteer to help at any time.  Our volunteers could always use extra help!!
  17. Who runs Quakertown Connie Mack?  Quakertown Connie Mack is a division of QYBA.  Members are nominated and voted on annually.  Quakertown Connie Mack is part of BuxMont Connie Mack which governs all the Connie Mack teams in all of Bucks and Montgomery counties.
  18. Can I join the board?   Yes we encourage everyone in our community to participate in their children’s activities.