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Welcome to QYBA.org!

Welcome to QYBA.org, your source for the latest information on happenings in the QYBA Cal Ripken & Connie Mack Teams.

QYBA is a program of service to the members of the community.  It is geared to provide an outlet for healthy activity and training under good leadership in the atmosphere of wholesome community participation.


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Contact Info


Contact Info: QYBA.org@gmail.com

Clearances: clearance.QYBA@gmail.com


Street Address:

Quakertown Connie Mack Quakertown Cal Ripken Milford Cal Ripken
Cemetery Rd 600 West Mill St. 2100 Krames Rd.
Quakertown, PA 18951 Quakertown, PA 18951 Quakertown, PA 18951


Mailing Address:  (Please send all mail to the PO Box)

Quakertown Youth Baseball Association

PO Box 28

Quakertown, PA 18951


Important Dates

Spring 2021

01/05/21 - 2021 Registration Opens

03/06/21 - Majors Registration Closes

03/06/21 - Minor - QuickBall Late Registration Starts

03/07/21 - Majors Tryouts (6:15-9:15)

03/08/21 - Majors Draft

03/14/21 - Minor - QuickBall Late Registration Closes

03/18/21 - Minors Draft

03/18/21 - Pony Draft

03/20/21 - Field Day (Cal Ripken Quakertown)

03/27/21 - Field Day (Cal Ripken Milford)

03/25/21 - Coaches Clinic (Majors / Minors) Google Meet 7:00-8:30

03/31-21 - Coaches Clinic (Pony / Colts / QuickBall) Google Meet 7:00-8:30

04/03/21 - Field Day

04/10/21 - Opening Day

04/11/21 - Pitcher / Catcher Clinic (12:00-1:30)

05/01/21 - Picture Day

05/22/21 - End Regular Season

06/01/21 - Playoffs

06/05/21 - Championship Saturday

Summer 2021

05/28/21 - 05/31/21 - Memorial Day 12A, 12B, 11A Wooden Bat Tournament

06/23/21 - 06/27/21 - 11A & 12B Tournament

07/09/21 - 07/11/21 - 12B Iron Man State Cal Ripken Tournament

07/14/21 - 07/18/21 - 8A, 9B & 10B Tournament

07/21/21 - 07/25/21 - 9A & 10A Tournament

Fall 2021

07/14/21 - Registration Opens

08/03/21 - Sandlot (5-11 Year olds) (Wednesday's 6-8 / Saurtday's 9-11)

08/27/21 - Fall Registration Closes
09/XX/21 - Opening Day

XX/XX/21 - 12U 2022 Tryouts

XX/XX/21 - 11U 2022 Tryouts

XX/XX/21 - 10U 2022 Tryouts

10/XX/21 - End Regular Season

10/XX/21 - Fall Cleanup


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Game Cancellation Process
QYBA will make every effort to play all games as scheduled. However,...
Keep your contact information updated
Please keep all of your parent and player information up to date...
Game Cancellation Process

QYBA will make every effort to play all games as scheduled. However, there will be times when bad weather (or other events) requires that we cancel games and close fields. The following is the procedure that QYBA will follow:

  • A decision will be made by 5pm regarding that night’s games
  • The QYBA Home Page has a box in the upper right hand corner titled "Field Status" containing a list of all QYBA fields and their status - the default will always be OPEN (and the last date that field was opened):
  • In the event of game cancelation, the status of affected field(s) will be updated to CLOSED – anyone who has a game scheduled on a field marked as CLOSED will immediately receive an automated game cancelation email
  • All canceled games will be rescheduled through the division coordinators and then posted to the website

Please be aware that there may be times when it is not possible to update the Field Status and cancel games early enough to save you a trip to the fields. We will do our best to make an early decision and have the site updated as quickly as possible.

by posted 02/19/2018
Keep your contact information updated

Please keep all of your parent and player information up to date on the QYBA website.  This information will be used to contact you in an emergency as well as to keep you informed of any changes to game schedules and to let you know important dates and deadlines such as registrations and tryouts.

To check or update your information, simply go to the "Edit My Account" link (on the left side of the Home Page). Next, enter your email address and password and click on submit. If you don't know or forgot your password, simply enter only your email address and click submit - the system will send you your password via email.

If you have any problems, email Webmaster  @  with the specifics.

by posted 09/15/2012
Field Status
Batting Cage - CM - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Batting Cage - Major - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Batting Cage - Milford - Milford TBD (11/28) 
Batting Cage - Minor - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Benner Memorial Hall - Richlandtown TBD (11/28) 
Connie Mack Field 1 - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Connie Mack Field 2 - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Milford Minor Field - Milford Township TBD (11/28) 
Milford Pony Field - Milford Township TBD (11/28) 
QYBA Colts Field - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA Major Field - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA Minor Field - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA Pony Field - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA QuickBall Field 1 - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA QuickBall Field 2 - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
QYBA Snack Stand - Quakertown TBD (11/28) 
Unami Colts Field - Milford Square TBD (11/28)